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A modern and creative living environment combining life, work and leisure

From offices to residential neighbourhoods, the city’s Creative Park to its Lifestyle Village, and Greencoast Elementary School to African Leadership College (ALC), Beau Plan has imagined the city of tomorrow, in which everything is possible. All in an atmosphere as enjoyable as it is practical, and in which you can easily reconcile your busy professional life and lively social calendar!

Go live - Beau Plan Smart City
Beau Plan Smart City - Live

An exceptional quality of life for future generations

Beau Plan’s future residents will be able to choose from plots of land, apartments, duplexes and houses. The conveniences of a practical and enjoyable lifestyle are within arms’ reach, with a supermarket, sports centre, shops and restaurants located in a verdant, historic setting.

As an avant-garde city, Beau Plan embodies the concept of “Live, work, play”. Walking and bicycle paths connect the residential park – conceived of as a village for families, young professionals and seniors – to the lake, office spaces, shops and recreational areas.

A new vision of the workplace

Office spaces, commercial premises, showrooms, workshops, a business hotel and a business park… Beau Plan offers professionals all of this and more! In this innovative city, you’ll find yourself energised by the orchard and lake in the vicinity of your office. You’ll also maximise your productivity thanks to the proximity of conveniences such as a supermarket, shops, restaurants, a gym… and much more!

Go work - Beau Plan Smart City
Beau Plan Smart City - Work
Go play - Beau Plan Smart City
Beau Plan Smart City - Play

Beau Plan just wanna have fun!

Beau Plan is the perfect playground for young and old alike; for athletes and creatives; and for shopaholics and nature lovers! From the city’s Lifestyle Village with its shops, bars and cafes to its Creative Park, equestrian centre and green spaces, Beau Plan offers its residents an exceptional quality of life.

Education at the heart of Beau Plan Smart City

Greencoast: A pre-primary, primary and soon-to-be secondary school, prepares its students for life. Through playful and participative teaching methods, children learn self-reliance in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

ALC: As a student at the African Leadership College (ALC), you’ll take an active role in building both your academic career and your professional future. Creativity, curiosity and self-criticism are crucial.

Go learn - Beau Plan Smart City
Beau Plan Smart City - Learn
Go create - Beau Plan Smart City
Beau Plan Smart City

Creativity, the inspiration of Beau Plan's vision

In a city driven by creativity, artistic expression is everywhere. Beau Plan’s Smart City is rooted in creativity and celebrates imagination in all its forms. In its Creative Park, the artists of today and tomorrow give free rein to their talent, in the form of art, dance, crafts, culture… We warn you, the vibrant atmosphere is contagious!