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Go learn - Beau Plan Smart City

Education at the heart of Beau Plan smart city

Ti-Marmailles - Beau Plan Smart City

It starts with early childhood development

The little ones get to learn in a fun environment that fosters social interaction at Ti Marmailles. As a day-care and kindergarten, children here get to play freely, while exploring their surroundings and developing a sense of self-fulfilment.

At the heart of it all is education and advancement

Beau Plan takes learning very seriously! Greencoast International School prepares pupils for life using lively and participative methods. With a friendly atmosphere, this is a place where children learn how to become autonomous.

ALC, for the leaders of tomorrow

At the African Leadership College (ALC), creativity, curiosity and self-questioning are a must here. The approach is personalised and student-driven, with an eye to his/her professional future.