A cosmopolitan lifestyle

Living in Beau Plan is opportunity to experience the typical Mauritian lifestyle while enjoying access to the modern amenities of a city. Depending on your mood, slip on a pair of iconic Dodo flip-flops or sky-high stilettoes; go jogging in an orchard or indulge in some sushi; and shop for local crafts or international brands…

A culinary journey every day

It’s enough to make a foodie’s head spin: whether they offer international specialties or trendy new dishes, the Lifestyle Village’s bars and restaurants make every effort to delight your taste buds. Beau Plan allows food lovers to get together for a friendly meal or delicious local beer – the perfect opportunity to meet your neighbours, make new friends or relax after work.

The answer to all of your shopping needs

The Lifestyle Village is home to a host of local artisans whose original, “made in Mauritius” creations are sold alongside international branded goods. With its wide range of practical shops and services – including a pharmacy, interior design boutiques and hairdressing salons – the Lifestyle Village will meet your every need. At the Beau Plan Creative Park Workshop a few steps away, you can soak up the atmosphere as you admire the work of the artist in residence or browse the local designs on display.

Express your creativity!

From its Workshop to its Creative Park, Beau Plan celebrates culture in every form and allows its residents’ talents to flourish.

I’m inspired!

Get active!

Beau Plan encourages a healthy lifestyle. It offers a wide range of facilities to those who want to practice sports, including a riding club, sports centre and dance studio.

Take part in a yoga session under the trees at the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, or make your way to Balaclava along our walking or cycle paths. After this heroic effort, children and adults alike will love cooling off with a swim in the balmy waters of the lagoon!

Alternatively, the Mon Rocher equestrian centre, open every day, offers rides, show jumping, behaviourism classes and even horse football to horse-riding enthusiasts!