Cécile Gonzalez : une danseuse en mouvement

Cécile Gonzalez : a dancer in motion

Cécile studied at the Merce Cunningham Trust in New York. She has danced on the equator in Indonesia and with a chair in Paris. She didn’t choose dance; the discipline chose her. She has shared her passion with Mauritians via her company, Omada, since 2008, and has more recently become the director of the Le Studio dance school.

“Everything is in movement: our bodies, the seasons, the planets. Movement allows us to live, breathe and travel; while dance helps us to control this movement and tame our bodies. We dance to reveal ourselves to others but also to re-centre ourselves. Some people dance for their own benefit, others dance for the benefit of their audience. Yet others dance because of the element of performance, in order to outdo themselves. Humans are not static. We are all born to move.”

The studio
Founded over a decade ago by Éva Caillé, Le Studio welcomes dancers from the ages of 4 to 99. Here, dance is intended to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or ability. Le Studio offers weekly jazz, modern and ballet classes, and hosts flamenco, ballroom dancing and yoga classes at the weekends and during public holidays. This bright, airy space surrounded by venerable old trees is the perfect playground for those who love being in movement.

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Several changes are taking place in Beau Plan! The Smart City is an initiative of Terra group and aims to improve the quality of life of both its residents and employees.

September 3, 2021