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BEAU PLAN - Journal - 2 ans déjà

Beau Plan, it’s been two years already !

As we launched the Beau Plan’s Smart City project in 2018, creativity which is among one of our priorities, contributed to shape our vision for the project.

One ambition: to rethink our strategy for developing the city to create new lifestyles. Where creativity prevails, development respects the environment, soft mobility is optimised, and facilities are designed to meet the expectations and needs of the region. This is how the tone for Beau Plan Smart City project was set.

The project started with the development of the city’s road infrastructure for better traffic management; followed by the construction of the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, a pleasant place for both Beau Plan’s residents and for people from the region; the development of the City’s first residential projects and leisure infrastructure including the stables of Mon Rocher, the Creative Park and Greencoast. All these projects were done in only two years.

Two years which have allowed us to define Beau Plan’s identity and to ensure its integration in a region with a long history and rich heritage. Two years, which reinforced our motivation to create a sustainable city, designed to meet both today’s expectations and those of future generations. Ultimately, these two years allowed us to improve our strategy and understand how to better meet the needs of the region in terms of employment opportunities and social inclusion.

We look forward to the next two years to consolidate our vision for the region and make Beau Plan a breeding ground for innovative projects!

Music Day (6)

Music improves performance and productivity! And if the research says so, Beau Plan surely does not disagree. With the aim of promoting a different, innovative, and inspiring work environment, Beau Plan Business Park will resonate with lively music on Wednesday, June 21st.

June 19, 2023

A large-scale video surveillance project is currently underway throughout Beau Plan. This non-intrusive system aims to safeguard the safety of the city’s residents and users while respecting their privacy. Learn about this new project below.

May 29, 2023