Beau Plan, ça ne fait que démarrer _
Beau Plan, ça ne fait que démarrer _
Beau Plan, ça ne fait que démarrer _

Beau Plan, the adventure is just starting!

So, what will the city look like tomorrow?
Beau Plan has just celebrated its second anniversary. These first two years have enabled us to define the city’s development strategy and to promote its integration into a region with a rich history and heritage. These two years have also reinforced our motivation to build a sustainable city, designed to meet both today’s expectations and those of future generations. Finally, two years to refine our strategy and understand how to better meet the needs of the region in terms of employment and social inclusion.

We look forward to the next two years to strengthen our vision for the region and to make Beau Plan a breeding ground for new projects!

It is now well known that one of the main attractions of the city, the Mahogany Shopping Promenade will open its doors on the 24th of June 2021. With its diverse shop selection, its cosy food court and the lake visible from each terrace and alley of the mall, it will revolutionize the region’s lifestyle.

The residential area of Beau Plan, it will soon welcome its new residents. In fact, the construction of Mango Village should be completed by mid-2022. Furthermore, the residential offer will be improved with new residential land opportunities, where families and young couples can build their future in the heart of a peaceful and practical environment.

Beau Plan’s business offer will continue to develop simultaneously. Businesses looking for office space to rent will be won over by The Strand’s premium lakeside office spaces. Offering a full range of services, not to mention its proximity to the Mahogany Shopping Promenade!

Furthermore, light industries and other service sector companies will set up their operations in the city’s Business District with the possibility of creating a tailor-made space for their business.

Finally, the city of Beau Plan will offer within two years, an urban park near Mango Village and a one-of-a-kind sport facility for its residents and people from the region (stay tuned, we will tell you more about this exciting project soon).

Beyond its development projects, Beau Plan has a strong desire to integrate its neighbourhood in its growth. A green strategy and several social integration projects are in the making to transform the region and improve the quality of life of its residents.

TERRA -Beau Plan à l'ère du numérique

Several changes are taking place in Beau Plan! The Smart City is an initiative of Terra group and aims to improve the quality of life of both its residents and employees.

September 3, 2021