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Infrastructure Works: Beau Plan Continues to Progress

In line with its concentric urban development strategy, Beau Plan has been focusing on carrying out infrastructure works in its various residential neighborhoods and the Business District in recent months. The Business District is soon to welcome a new Decathlon store. Pravin Hanuman, Senior Development Manager at Novaterra, sheds more light on the ongoing projects.

Gradually but surely, the city of Beau Plan is taking shape. With more new residents arriving, it is becoming more pleasant for all its users, with tree-lined roads, sidewalks, and illuminated paths. These seemingly insignificant details are the result of rigorous infrastructure planning.

“Good infrastructure is essential for the comfort, safety, and well-being of Beau Plan residents,” explains Pravin Hanuman, who oversees these essential projects. “That is why we collaborate with trusted partners and strive to offer the best possible service in this area.”

Infrastructure works scheduled for delivery in 2023

While Beau Plan’s first built-up residential project, Mango Village, was delivered at the end of 2022, fully meeting the expectations of their new owners, Novaterra is also progressing on the infrastructure works for phases 2 and 3 of Les Muguets. “We plan to finish these works by mid-March 2023,” says Pravin.

Novaterra is simultaneously working to complete the infrastructure works for phase 1 of the Business District by the end of May. This area, which is set to welcome showrooms and offices, will soon be operational to allow companies that have chosen to invest in the region to start building their projects. Once these works are completed, Novaterra will move on to phase 2 of this project.

Other projects focused on well-being

Beyond its residential and commercial projects, Novaterra aims to enhance the quality of life for everyone in the region. Works have been carried out in recent months in Bois Rouge. Pravin explains: “By creating Beau Plan, we have always wanted to support neighboring villages so that development is a joint effort. We have thus assisted the village of Bois Rouge in remodeling certain infrastructures such as the expansion of roads, or the construction of a new football field for its residents. 

Lastly, the last ongoing project, and not the least, is a park for the city’s residents. Developed in collaboration with a landscaping team and a landscape architect, this future park is being developed on a 5-acre plot of land located opposite the Hameau. The works will be completed by July.

A positive first assessment

As the development of Beau Plan’s heart infrastructure progresses at a good pace, Pravin provides his first assessment: “We are satisfied with the work done so far. We have managed to find a good balance between technicality and sustainability, and we learn from our experiences to continue to progress and offer even better projects. For this, the feedback from our clients is essential. We always listen to it very carefully.”

To further enhance the well-being and safety of Beau Plan’s residents and users, Novaterra is also making progress on the city’s security strategy. A CCTV project, carried out in collaboration with international experts and services, is also being installed throughout the city.

Music Day (6)

Music improves performance and productivity! And if the research says so, Beau Plan surely does not disagree. With the aim of promoting a different, innovative, and inspiring work environment, Beau Plan Business Park will resonate with lively music on Wednesday, June 21st.

June 19, 2023

A large-scale video surveillance project is currently underway throughout Beau Plan. This non-intrusive system aims to safeguard the safety of the city’s residents and users while respecting their privacy. Learn about this new project below.

May 29, 2023