Meeting up with Cheshta Hurnauth, Landscaping Team Leader in Beau Plan

Cheshta Hurnauth has been with the Novaterra team for over six months now, working to beautify the alleys of Beau Plan and take care of its vegetation. It’s a huge project, and we recently caught up with her to learn more about this exciting work.From the planning stage, the developer partnered with French architect-designer Thierry Bégat to prepare the master plan and first phase of the Greencoast school complex. The subsequent phases of the school’s construction followed established sustainable practices.

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Creating a Smart City

In recent years, the term “smart city” has been closely associated with real estate development in Mauritius. While it carries connotations of innovation and technology abroad, its meaning differs in our country, where the focus lies on planned urbanization of the territory. Here is Beau Plan’s definition of a smart city.


Infrastructure Works: Beau Plan Continues to Progress

In line with its concentric urban development strategy, Beau Plan has been focusing on carrying out infrastructure works in its various residential neighborhoods and the Business District in recent months. The Business District is soon to welcome a new Decathlon store. Pravin Hanuman, Senior Development Manager at Novaterra, sheds more light on the ongoing projects.

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Beau Plan, an inclusive city.

The Creative Park, cradle of creativity in Beau Plan will host the ‘Anba Pie’ festival this weekend. An invitation to a moment of relaxation, sharing and conviviality under the century-old trees, this festival aims to highlight the know-how of local artisans, creators and artists.


Insights with Nathan Iyer

An architect, an urban designer, a thinker, an innovator: Durban-based Nathan Iyer, the mastermind behind Beau Plan Smart City, is all of these and more.
180 ans d’histoires mauriciennes


French governor Mahé de La Bourdonnais chose to build his then-residence here, while writer Bernardin de Saint-Pierre sited the burial of Paul and Virginie’s eponymous heroes in the area.