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Beau Plan collaborates with NouRezo Artizan to further help its residents

Are you in need of a plumber to install a new sink or a gardener to maintain your garden in Beau Plan? Finding the right professional is now easier than ever with NouRezo Artizan. 

This digital platform aims to provide professional solutions and greater visibility for independent artisans across the island. It meets a crucial need for Mauritians and expatriates living on the island: finding reliable artisans/workers for their daily work and needs.

NouRezo is a beneficial network of mutual assistance for all. 

With over 18,000 monthly page views and an average of 615 monthly requests, this platform is a real success. Its 650 registered users are happy to be able to rely on a trustworthy network of recommended artisans. This includes various sectors such as maintenance, landscaping, cleaning, plumbing, and electrical work. From construction to renovation, as well as other services, the 929 professionals registered on the application cover all daily needs!

NouRezo Artizan offers a bonus feature: a dedicated hotline available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends to quickly connect individuals with artisans. Thanks to this service, the NouRezo team can directly identify qualified professionals to respond to a client’s request and take care of connecting them so that the client can then plan their work. Once the job is done, for the benefit of other users, NouRezo also collects feedback on the service provided.

Now available to Beau Plan residents.

Recently, this new service has also been made available to residents and professionals in Beau Plan. The goal is to help all users of the town fully enjoy its services by being accompanied by a team of professionals for all their needs.


To learn more, please visit their website:

Music Day (6)

Music improves performance and productivity! And if the research says so, Beau Plan surely does not disagree. With the aim of promoting a different, innovative, and inspiring work environment, Beau Plan Business Park will resonate with lively music on Wednesday, June 21st.

June 19, 2023

A large-scale video surveillance project is currently underway throughout Beau Plan. This non-intrusive system aims to safeguard the safety of the city’s residents and users while respecting their privacy. Learn about this new project below.

May 29, 2023