Meeting up with Cheshta Hurnauth, Landscaping Team Leader in Beau Plan

Cheshta Hurnauth has been with the Novaterra team for over six months now, working to beautify the alleys of Beau Plan and take care of its vegetation. It’s a huge project, and we recently caught up with her to learn more about this exciting work.From the planning stage, the developer partnered with French architect-designer Thierry Bégat to prepare the master plan and first phase of the Greencoast school complex. The subsequent phases of the school’s construction followed established sustainable practices.

Workin BP

Working in Beau Plan: A Winning Choice!

As the delivery of The Strand offices, located in the heart of Beau Plan, draws near, let’s take a closer look at the “Work in Beau Plan” concept. This philosophy is fully embodied through the city’s business offer, which has already convinced many companies to establish themselves in the region.

TERRA -Beau Plan à l'ère du numérique

Beau Plan in the digital era

Several changes are taking place in Beau Plan! The Smart City is an initiative of Terra group and aims to improve the quality of life of both its residents and employees.