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Working in Beau Plan: A Winning Choice!

As the delivery of The Strand offices, located in the heart of Beau Plan, draws near, let’s take a closer look at the “Work in Beau Plan” concept. This philosophy is fully embodied through the city’s business offer, which has already convinced many companies to establish themselves in the region.

“A pleasant environment equipped with amenities for a complete daily life” 

These are the new expectations of employees for their workplace. In today’s society, where time is a precious commodity, the desire to combine all aspects of a day in one place for convenience is increasingly strong. More than just a trend, it is a philosophy of life that has emerged in recent years and is embodied in the expectations of today’s employees.

The “Work in Beau Plan” offer is a concrete response to these new expectations, inspired by this desire to combine work and pleasure.

Beau Plan has imagined its business offer in the heart of the city to provide a modern and pleasant environment for work, and a whole range of services and shops to meet daily needs. From shopping, banking, and restaurants to leisure and sports activities, schools, and nurseries, the “Work in Beau Plan” offer has it all!

Beau Plan’s business offer is not just about offering these services in the immediate vicinity

The city also emphasizes the well-being of its users. Its peaceful neighborhoods provide wide sidewalks for pedestrians, paths shaded by tree canopies, and human-sized buildings. In short, it is a modern business destination designed to offer a pleasant experience to all its users!

In this thriving environment, it is clear that working in Beau Plan is a great choice. However, the city’s offer also relies on another aspect to seduce clients – its buildings. Beau Plan is committed to offering its customers a range of buildings that are respectful of their surroundings. Their sleek architecture – sometimes modern, sometimes inspired by the region’s industrial heritage – blends into their natural environment to enhance the beauty of the city.

If you are looking for a place to work that combines modernity, convenience, and well-being, then Beau Plan is the perfect choice for you. Discover the commercial land for sale in the Business District, the latest offices for rent at The Strand, or in the Beau Plan Business Park and join us in this exciting journey.

Music Day (6)

Music improves performance and productivity! And if the research says so, Beau Plan surely does not disagree. With the aim of promoting a different, innovative, and inspiring work environment, Beau Plan Business Park will resonate with lively music on Wednesday, June 21st.

June 19, 2023

A large-scale video surveillance project is currently underway throughout Beau Plan. This non-intrusive system aims to safeguard the safety of the city’s residents and users while respecting their privacy. Learn about this new project below.

May 29, 2023