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BEAU PLAN - Travailler à Beau Plan

Working in Beau Plan : tailor-made offers in a unique setting.

Providing an attractive commercial offer is at the heart of Beau Plan’s Smart City development strategy. Its objective: propose a wide range of offerings to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and operating in different industries, by focusing on flexible commercial areas.

One of the major advantages of the Smart City is its office spaces which offer several benefits to its users: direct access from the motorway, harmonious landscaping, dynamic surroundings, and a phased approached to development to better meet the evolving expectations of companies. Each phase will be completed with the appropriate infrastructure, including roads, lighting, drains, parking spaces and access to essential services.

Above all, what really makes the charm of Beau Plan’s commercial area is undoubtedly its unique surroundings, including several green spaces; beautiful avenues; pedestrian and cycling routes; a centralised wastewater management system…In short, a well-thought-out project.

The Business District
The future business district will be set up in the Smart city of Beau Plan and will occupy around 160 arpents of land. Investors will have the choice between different options. In fact, “Companies will either be able to buy land to build their own building, buy a ready-made building, rent a whole building or even rent smaller office spaces. “We are proud to propose tailor-made formulas, based on the budget and requirements of each company’’, explains Shadil Golam Hossen, Sales and Leasing Executive at Novaterra.

The Business District will also include an area for SMEs. Indeed, the buildings will be built by Beau Plan and the premises will be made available for rent to small businesses. Each building will occupy approximately 1,000 m2, including a showroom on the ground floor and office spaces on the upper floors. The first building should be operational by the end of next year.

The Beau Plan Business Park
In addition to being the home to Terra’s head office since 2015, several businesses have also made the choice to set up their activities in the business park of Beau Plan. The medium size offices – between 27m2 and 500m2 – benefit from a green and functional environment, a water feature, and a café.

GreenYellow, a company involved in the production and management of energy, is one of the tenants of the Beau Plan Business Park. ‘’ Moving to Beau Plan was a strategic choice; firstly, there is its pleasant environment, and secondly its strategic location – two important criteria for our team. Furthermore, we are not far from our 16,3 MW solar power plant located in Solitude,’’ says Benoît Regnard, GreenYellow’s Business Development Director for the Indian Ocean and Southern Africa.

Co-Lab is the new office offer in the business park, which comprises of individual offices as from 37m2. Companies can therefore rent an office space and benefit from  common services such as parking spaces, security, toilets and cleaning services.

The Strand
Construction work has already started for this project which faces the lake of Beau Plan. Located next to the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, it will comprise of three buildings and will include 10,000 m2 of premium office space. The first building will overlook the lake while the other two buildings will face an interior courtyard. Different office sizes ranging from small offices (approximately 40 m2) on the ground floor, medium-sized offices on the upper levels as well as complete floors of nearly 1,000 m2 available for rent or purchase.

Its proximity to the lake of Beau Plan, to a dynamic retail park, to the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, as well as its strategic location are the highlight of this project.

Music Day (6)

Music improves performance and productivity! And if the research says so, Beau Plan surely does not disagree. With the aim of promoting a different, innovative, and inspiring work environment, Beau Plan Business Park will resonate with lively music on Wednesday, June 21st.

June 19, 2023

A large-scale video surveillance project is currently underway throughout Beau Plan. This non-intrusive system aims to safeguard the safety of the city’s residents and users while respecting their privacy. Learn about this new project below.

May 29, 2023