Novaterra involves the northern youth in the festival.

Novaterra involves the northern youth in the festival.

Making the young people of Pamplemousses contribute to the construction of the Kaz’Out festival is the main goal that Novaterra and Lively Up have set through various decoration workshops, for the 6th edition of this emblematic event of the Mauritian cultural calendar. This initiative helps the volunteers to understand the issues and implications of hosting a festival of this magnitude, which includes open-air concerts, fun workshops for children, the discovery of L’aventure du Sucre and also a craft market.

“For two years now, we have been working with Lionel Permal and Laura Hebert from Lively Up to give local residents the chance to experience both the backstage of the Kaz’Out festival, as well as the cultural and creative industries and its Career opportunities. Thus, since September, Lively Up organizes various workshops at the festival’s headquarters in the Mount, and we can say the enthusiasm is evident with the inhabitants of Pamplemousses and Montagne Blanche” explain Emeric Vigier de Latour, the Communication Manager of Novaterra and Beau Plan.

Building on this success, adds Laura Hebert, general director of the Kaz’Out Festival and co-founder of Lively Up, “we intend to continue this collaboration over the next editions, as it is a way to present the business of event management and the music industry. It also reinforces the skills of these young people in the North, especially those who would like to embark on a career in events planning. ”

Beyond the professional part on the creative industries, the areas of collaboration are also moving towards ecological awareness and the importance of preserving the environment through waste management. “This year, we wanted to strengthen the synergies between the regional organizations and the festival, particularly through Sustainable Household Waste Management (SHWM),” says Emeric Vigier de Latour.

This initiative is a project of the Youth Council of Bois Rouge/Pamplemousses that aims to educate young people and inhabitants of the region about waste management, the reuse of used biodiesel oils, natural compost and energy management. The team of young people behind this initiative will collaborate this year with Kaz’Out on the festival’s green strategy, particularly through the installation of recycling bins and awareness-raising activities for festival-goers.

Navin Seechurn, President of the Regional Youth Council of Pamplemousses, is one of those young participants of the workshops and that are committed to preserve the environment. “This is a great opportunity for me because I will have the opportunity to interact with more than 4,000 people and raise awareness about the environment and for that I say a big thank you to Novaterra and Lively Up.We have already launched the campaign with the help of Novaterra by promoting waste sorting in the locality, a significant gesture to protect the planet. Novaterra is very supportive of local youth and is an inspiration for them,” he says.

“We are delighted to note the continuous development of links between the Beau Plan’s stakeholder and the inhabitants of the region. It is essential the projects of the Smart City benefit everyone, and Kaz’Out is a proper example. We want to continue developing this type of collaboration in the future and are convinced everyone will be able to enjoy the unique quality of life in the region, “concludes Emeric Vigier de Latour.

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