The origins of Beau
Plan Smart City

Novaterra, the Terra Group’s real estate cluster, aims to invigorate the North of the island by sustainably developing its land and real estate assets in harmony with its natural environment.

It is developing the city of Beau Plan according to the values that it holds dear: respect, authenticity, harmony, creativity and innovation.

Novaterra also aims to make the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and the North of Mauritius the drivers of this new development. It is committed to meeting their educational, cultural, residential and commercial needs, now and in the future.

Novaterra’s team consists of experts who are passionate about their profession, their island, and their region. The cluster designs, develops, markets and manages real estate projects end to end.

For the future, since 1838.

Originally a sugar company, Terra has been active in northern Mauritius since 1838. It has since diversified its activities and is now one of Mauritius’ leading business groups. It employs more than 1,300 people across the region, significantly contributing to its economic development.

Terra’s vision is to create a world in which everyone has an opportunity to succeed, without putting the needs of future generations in jeopardy. A world in which natural resources are used responsibly and efficiently, and a balance is struck between social development and the environment.

In order to deliver on this commitment, Terra is positioning itself – with the smart city of Beau Plan and through its Novaterra real estate cluster – as the region’s largest and most influential player.