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The team behind Beau Plan

Novaterra, Terra’s development arm, aims to galvanise the development of the North of Mauritius in harmony with the natural environment by accentuating its historical vestiges and using sustainable planning methods in making effective use of the Group’s landbank.

Its values of respect, authenticity, harmony, creativity and innovation are central to the development of Beau Plan. One of its aims is to make local inhabitants one of the driving forces behind the project and Novaterra is fully committed to meeting their current and future needs in terms of education, culture and economic and social opportunities.

Its team is made up of experts with a passion both for their profession and also for the region and their country. Novaterra has first worked on the overall project concept and design, before moving on to its development and then to the management and commercialisation of the various elements.

Terra’s vision of a “Smart Region”

Terra has been active in the region since 1838, originally as a sugar company and then diversifying its activities into power generation and the large-scale production and distribution of consumer goods. It is now one of Mauritius’ leading companies, employing more than 1,300 people throughout the region and actively engaged in developing the North’s economy.

Its vision: to develop a region in which everyone has an opportunity to succeed, as well as creating a better future for generations to come.

Through Novaterra and Beau Plan, Terra has positioned itself as a key regional player in order to make this commitment a reality.

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