Rajesh: The entire Terra group knows this veteran employee!

Judging by his warm smile and easy-going attitude, Rajesh Caullychurn feels right at home at the office. He has worked at Beau Plan for the past 27 years.

As L’Aventure du Sucre’s Maintenance Manager, he is responsible for landscaping the gardens. Here, he tells us about his background.

Rajesh Caullychurn began working at the Beau Plan sugar factory as a labourer at the age of 23. He stayed on until the factory closed down in 1998. He was then transferred to the Belle Vue factory, where he worked for two years before taking on a new challenge: managing the maintenance of L’Aventure du Sucre, then a brand-new space. The role taught him new things every day, and also gave him the opportunity to devote himself to his hobby. Indeed, Rajesh is passionate about plants and gardening: “A few years ago, I fell in love with roses and started to experiment with grafting them. I now have around a hundred varieties in my garden.”

These days, Rajesh mainly tends his organic vegetable garden, because his health and the well-being of his family are of paramount importance to him. His green thumb has also proven useful at work, where he is responsible for maintaining L’Aventure du Sucre’s gardens.

Throughout his long career at Beau Plan, Rajesh has seen the group undergo many changes, starting with Harel Frères’ rebrand as the Terra group up to the development of the Beau Plan Business Park and the upcoming Beau Plan Smart City. “I find it very interesting to have witnessed the group’s changing management, as well as the company’s development over time.”

How does he see the future of Beau Plan and Pamplemousses? “We live in a region that welcomes change while valuing the past. If we are able to integrate Beau Plan’s new residents with the people who have lived in Pamplemousses for several generations, I believe that the region’s future is bright.”