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The Strand: A workspace that’s as pleasant as it is inspiring!

The Strand has crafted a world where working is just as pleasurable as living: both are in seamless balance. A dynamic space, ripe for creativity and collaboration. A workspace that is as pleasant as it is inspiring, that encapsulates the spirit of Beau Plan.

  • Configurations de travail flexibles et sur demande
  • Lumière naturelle, matières brutes et plantes d’intérieur
  • Installations artistiques favorisant l’inspiration
  • Zone coworking, bureaux et espaces modulables
  • Espaces bien-être inspirés de l’hôtellerie
  • Attenant au Business Hotel

Ground floor

From 35 to 100 m2

We have the ideal solution for small businesses, freelancers and all the entrepreneurs who wear many hats each day. The Strand offers flexible office space at the heart of a creative working environment: a dynamic, inspiring place you will want to conduct your business activities in.
Spaces where…

Ground floor

Spaces where…

  • Se rencontrer, échanger et partager devient plus facile
  • La flexibilité est le maitre mot
  • Développer de nouvelles opportunités devient un leitmotiv


From 100 to 500 m2

Whether you employ five or 25 staff, you need a work environment conducive to your business activities. Open spaces facilitate communication and encourage teamwork; private offices are essential to productivity.


The Strand has concocted the perfect mix of private and collaborative work environments, crafting modular spaces that you can tailor to your needs to optimise your staff’s output.

2nd Floor

As from 500 m2

Head office, executive office…your workspace is a reflection of your values, and you want to offer the best to your team. Beau Plan’s accessibility, its panoramic views of the lake and it’s flawless work-life balance are seductive enough.

2nd Floor

  • Ascenseurs
  • Bureaux
  • Parkings couverts