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Diving into Beau Plan’s History – part 2

Published the 

15 May 2024


What was Beau Plan before it became a city? Throughout this article, we invite you to reconnect with history and better understand Beau Plan’s heritage, which embodies its essence.

Here, we talk about Beau Plan Lake. As a meeting point between The Strand offices and the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, it makes daily life more enjoyable for all users of the smart city. But do you know its history?

A peculiar resident!

Adjacent to the former Beau Plan sugar factory – now transformed into the L’aventure du Sucre museum – this lake was originally a water point used to supply water to the mills used in sugar production. Although it’s difficult to date its origin or the works that may have led to its enlargement, one anecdote about it has remained firmly entrenched in collective memory…
In January 1839, a crocodile was found in its waters. What a surprise for the sugar mill workers! How had it ended up here when there were no known species in the region? By studying the mystery, it was possible to trace its origins: this crocodile – identified by the naturalist Louis Bouton, as a saurian from Madagascar – had been found in the harbor of Port Louis in November 1835, before being offered to Mr. d’Épinay, who kept it captive on his Mon Plaisir estate, not far from Beau Plan. It escaped one day and disappeared into nature… only to be found three years later in Beau Plan!

More than a water point, a work of art

Today, the shallow waters of Beau Plan Lake certainly no longer harbor crocodiles. However, they are the stage for a curious spectacle at nightfall: as the sun sets, the lake is illuminated by hundreds of lanterns:’ Le Champ des Lumières’. This magical art installation offers a new spectacle every evening in harmony with the glowing reflections of the setting sun. During the day, strollers happily walk around the lake or sit facing it for lunch.
Soothing for some, enchanting for others, it truly is the vibrant heart of Beau Plan!

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