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A Day at Mango Village

Published the 

15 May 2024


Nestled between a beautiful avenue of mango trees and the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, the residences of Mango Village promise an exciting daily life, between nature and urban living. Let’s discover the daily life of its residents.

In the avenue leading to the entrance of each residence in Mango Village, a gentle bustle reigns every morning. While some hop into their cars to head to their offices around, or towards the center, others head towards the schools with their children. Professionals working in Beau Plan wait for the hustle and bustle to subside before walking to their offices at The Strand or Beau Plan Business Park.

Then, those fortunate enough to shape their own rhythm enjoy the benefits that Beau Plan has to offer throughout the day: a jog through the residential alleys of the city or a morning workout at Ennoia Boutique Gym,shopping or a lunch break at Mahogany Shopping Promenade, a professional meeting in the afternoon, accompanied by a treat on the terrace of Fangourin at L’Aventure du Sucre

As the end of the day brings another round of activity – last-minute errands, children’s activities and homework, dinner preparation, laundry… – what a pleasure it is to return home! With their cozy layout and intimate terrace or garden, the apartments and duplexes of Mango Village are an ode to peaceful family life. They invite you to come together to share precious moments before continuing the daily race the next day!

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