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Create in Beau Plan

Creating is part of our values, and the Creative Park is the place where creation becomes reality by diving into a world of crafts, art, and culture.

A multifunctional space

The Creative Park is a multifunctional space dedicated to culture, creation, crafts, and artists.

It provides an environment where artists, craftsmen, and creators can work, collaborate, and exhibit their works. Whether through workshops, exhibitions, performances, or a stage, the Creative Park aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to promote cultural expression in all its forms.

This space can also serve as a meeting place for art and culture enthusiasts, offering unique opportunities to discover and appreciate the work of local and international artists. It is also a venue for hosting a variety of cultural events. By encouraging innovation and creativity, the Creative Park contributes to energizing the artistic and cultural scene in the Beau Plan region.

The Creative Park will soon have a brand new website – stay tuned!