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For a creative life

Welcome to Beau Plan

Life is a joyful blend of significant moments and small pleasures.

That’s why Beau Plan sets creativity free in all its forms, everywhere, all the time, with the aim of making everyday life more inspiring.

Whether you reside here or simply stroll through, come to have fun or work, dine or have a drink… Everything is creative, and nothing is ever dull.

Craft your daily life in Beau Plan to your own image!

What to do in Beau Plan ?

There truly is something for everyone in Beau Plan!
What do you want to discover here today?


Quality of Life:

Harmony, security, freedom! The winning triad for an environment as pleasant as it is fulfilling.

Community Life:

Balancing individual well-being and the joy of being together, Beau Plan grows with its residents.

Social Inclusion:

Beau Plan collaborates with residents and local organizations to benefit everyone.

A City in Harmony with Nature:

Beau Plan captivates with its lush landscapes and responsible architecture.

What’s happening in Beau Plan

Concerts, performances, exhibitions, festivals…
There’s always something enjoyable happening in Beau Plan!

Fete de la musique

21 juin 2024

Padel Tournament

28 and 29th June 2024

Expo Planet R

Up to end 2024

Settling down in Beau Plan

It is love at first sight! Whether you want to come live in Beau Plan with your family or continue your professional or business activities here, discover all the real estate opportunities to be captured in Beau Plan.
Featured Projects

Stroll Through the Streets of Beau Plan

With pathways shaded by palms and ancient trees, lush tropical vegetation, and the sleek architectural design of the city’s buildings, the various neighborhoods of Beau Plan are as peaceful as they are inspiring. Whether you’re looking to recharge or looking for a friendly atmosphere to energize yourself, you’ll find the answer to your desires here. Explore its neighborhoods!

News from Beau Plan

Discover here all the projects shaping the city of Beau Plan and the individuals who breathe life into it!
Indigo (Phase 2)

Sales started on the 5th June 2024.