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From morning to evening, there's a lot going on in the city's streets!

In the streets of Beau Plan

Stroll from one part of the city to the next to explore its different facets.

A complete educational offer

Everyone can benefit from an education of high-standard in Beau Plan. From nursery to higher education, Beau Plan’s educational offer covers each family’s needs and combines learning with creativity.

Greencoast International School

It’s so much better to learn while having fun! This International baccalaureate school supports the growth of its students.


This day-care center and nursery school is a cheerful place where little ones can learn through play.

African Leadership College

This university uses a unique methodology to train young adults to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Things to see and do around Beau Plan

The region is packed with activities and ideas to keep you on your feet!

Come and live in Beau Plan!

Does the quality of life in Beau Plan resonate with you? We get it!
Find out more about the current residential offerings below.

Situated at the crossroads of continents, Mauritius, a charming country with less than one and a half million inhabitants, beckons with its renowned beautiful beaches and expansive lagoons, establishing itself as a premier tourist destination. Over the past fifteen years, Mauritius has also carved a niche as an exceptional haven for expatriates worldwide. Entrepreneurs and families are captivated by its laid-back lifestyle, year-round pleasant climate, top-notch infrastructure, abundant natural beauty, and warm hospitality.

This republic, with its cosmopolitan culture shaped by waves of immigration from Africa, India, China, and Europe, gained independence on March 12, 1968, after being a British colony for a century and a half, followed by a French colonial period. The rich colonial heritage still resonates in the local culture, mirrored by its trilingual population (French, English, Creole).

For these reasons, Europeans, South Africans, and Indians choose Mauritius, enticed by the promise of a comfortable lifestyle and exciting tropical adventures.

Nestled in the northern region of Mauritius, the smart city of Beau Plan provides a delightful alternative to the bustling coasts of the north and west, as well as the cooler climate of central Mauritius. With its tree-lined streets, bicycle paths, and modern architecture in houses, apartments, offices, and shopping arcades, Beau Plan creates a tranquil living environment.

Beau Plan offers an array of services and amenities to enhance the experience for its residents. The Mahogany Shopping Promenade hosts a variety of restaurants, shops, including a bank with an ATM, insurance, supermarket, organic grocery store, as well as clothing and home decoration stores. The Mon Rocher area caters comprehensively to the needs of children, from the Greencoast International School to the stables and padel-tennis center, and a crèche for toddlers.

The smart city boasts multiple business centers that cater to a diverse range of companies. Whether it’s the Strand offices facing the Beau Plan lake or the Beau Plan Business Park in rehabilitated former warehouses, these centers serve as breeding grounds for talent and businesses of all sizes. Directly accessible on foot from residential districts, they benefit from close proximity to Lakeside, the vibrant heart of Beau Plan, and all its activities and services.

Growing as a smart city, Beau Plan is committed to supporting the daily lives of its residents and users. The city has developed a range of infrastructures, services, and strategic partnerships to meet the growing expectations of the Pamplemousses region.

On a practical level, Beau Plan equips its neighborhoods with all necessary amenities, from banking and insurance to supermarkets, convenience stores, medical centers, and specialty stores. The NouRezo application facilitates contact with service providers for day-to-day needs like gardening, cleaning, and plumbing.

Novaterra offers a variety of office spaces, inviting start-ups, SMEs, and large corporations to make Beau Plan their new workplace. Easily accessible from the highway and well-served by bus stops at the entrance to the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, the town is poised to become a pleasant and convenient business center for entrepreneurs and their employees.

In terms of leisure activities, Beau Plan caters to everyone’s interests. From horseback riding at the Mon Rocher stables, dance classes, creative workshops, and yoga sessions at Creative Park, to visits to the L’Aventure du Sucre museum and the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, culinary festivals, concerts, and events in the heart of town, there’s something for everyone.

Beau Plan stands out as the ideal destination for expatriates in Mauritius. Not only is it a practical town with essentials close at hand, but it’s also a smart city where expatriates can invest in Mauritius, even building their own homes.

In terms of lifestyle, Beau Plan offers a rhythmic and pleasant daily routine. Bordered by a park, its residential neighborhood is a life-sized playground for children, providing opportunities to recharge and enjoy sports in contact with nature. A few minutes’ walk from the amenities of the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, the Beau Plan residential neighborhood is ideally located. Families living in Beau Plan appreciate the close proximity of schools, including Greencoast International School, and local activities like padel tennis, horseback riding, yoga, dance, and more.

With a network of established families, Beau Plan serves as an ideal meeting place for expatriates new to Mauritius. Events such as Neighbors’ Day and Music Day are great opportunities to come together and share convivial moments with neighbors.

Nestled in a lush natural setting opening onto the highway, Beau Plan is a resolutely practical town. Offering direct access to major cities and business centers, including the capital Port-Louis, it’s just a 15-minute drive to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches on the north coast.

Close to the region’s best schools and a wide range of activities for all ages, Beau Plan is a convenient and enjoyable destination for families. The offices adjoining residential neighborhoods make daily life more convenient for residents, providing an opportunity to live, work, and enjoy leisure activities all in one place.

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beau plan illustration2

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