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About Beau Plan

Planning a city is quite a journey!

Building better

We believe that a city is much more than the sum of its buildings. It is nurtured by the communities that inhabit and enliven it, by the businesses that have chosen it, and by the daily experiences shared there. In other words, the city has a soul!

It’s our duty to keep the spark alive and to magnify and share it. That’s why we’re determined to build better. And by better, we mean: with resilience, with creativity and, above all, with vision.

So, by making the city a place where nature has its say, where being a pedestrian is not problematic, and where leisure is an integral part of the plan, we ensure that we meet the real expectations and future needs of everyone – residents, professionals and visitors alike. Our aim: to create an ideal quality of life that benefits everyone.

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An exciting life!

For us, living in the city is bliss. Provided that…
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More than words!

Enhancing our heritage

Proud of its deep Mauritian roots, Novaterra is capitalising on Beau Plan’s industrial heritage to enhance the town’s architectural character and pass on a tangible legacy to future generations.

Growing with the region

Beau Plan’s growth must undeniably benefit the surrounding villages. With this in mind, the town works closely with local stakeholders to ensure that its development is of benefit to all.

Promoting empowerment

From employment to access to culture, education, leisure and day-to-day services, Beau Plan aims to create opportunities for the region and its inhabitants.

Created to last

An intelligent city is one that anticipates future challenges and develops with resilience. Sustainable architecture, green spaces and soft mobility are all priorities for Beau Plan to thrive today and in the future.

1 town, 5 pillars


An extensive residential offering to meet all your expectations.



A new approach to the worklife based on balance and efficiency.



To indulge in your passion or in what makes you happy, whether you are 7 or 77 years old!



Learning is the key to self-fulfillment and to building the future you aspire to.



Be inspired, dream, create…, it’s part of the lifestyle in Beau Plan.


The Beau Plan Master Plan

As we like to say in Beau Plan: "It's all about balance"!
Because planning a city doesn’t mean it has to be static. Discover the master plan that accompanies its development and adjusts to the changing needs of its users, whilst remaining consistent with its vision: to develop for future generations.
Click on the coloured icons to view 360° photos.

Hover on the map to discover the names of the districts and hold CTRL to zoom with your mouse wheel.

The Smart City Scheme (SCS) is a real estate program established by the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Mauritius in 2015. Aimed at attracting investment while developing the territory in a sustainable way, the scheme is open to Mauritian buyers as well as foreign investors and the diaspora. It is accompanied by incentives and an attractive tax system.

To obtain the Smart City Scheme certification, private real estate developers – such as Novaterra for the smart city of Beau Plan – must first draw up a solid dossier describing the master plan of the future city and guaranteeing the initiatives and citizen projects that will be established there. The EDB is interested not only in the measures designed to make the city smart, but also in its urban planning and the concrete solutions it provides to ensure a balanced life for its inhabitants and users.

Built around the “Live, work & play” pillars, a Mauritian smart city must offer residential, office and leisure facilities to meet the expectations and needs of its users. In addition, Mauritius’ smart cities each offer a range of amenities, services and projects: an education system, creative or cultural leisure activities, event programming and citizen initiatives promoting sustainability and social inclusion.

Flexible and attractive from a tax point of view, the Smart City Scheme established by the Economic Development Board is open to both Mauritian and foreign investors. Several forms of investment are available within a smart city like Beau Plan.

For example, you can buy a commercial or residential plot to build your own personal or professional project. In this case, architectural guidelines are drawn up in advance by the developer to guarantee a harmonious neighborhood and to support the investor in his construction. Although the purchase of land is reserved for Mauritians throughout the island, the Smart City Scheme also allows foreign residents of Mauritius, under certain conditions, to invest in a building plot.

Another option is to acquire residential, office or commercial property. Whether you’re a foreigner or a Mauritian, this attractive investment is often synonymous with capital gains and favorable tax advantages in the event of inheritance and bequest of the property, its resale or rental. The property developer in charge of developing

More than a smart city, Beau Plan aims to initiate and support the emergence of a “smart region” by making social inclusion and sustainability its growth drivers. To this end, the pillars of its development are : Live, Work, Play, Learn, Create.

The “Live” pillar focuses on creating a sustainable quality of life in Beau Plan. Its tree-lined residential neighborhoods, with their pedestrian walkways, cycle paths and safe roads, encourage people to live together, while guaranteeing the privacy of their owners and tenants.

The “Work” pillar aims to offer users a working environment that is as practical as it is inspiring. With the modern architecture of its offices, their natural green setting, the infrastructure made available to Beau Plan users and the practical amenities within easy reach (restaurants, shops, banks…), the smart city is banking on a dynamic framework to meet all everyday needs, and combine professional and personal life.

Under its “Play” pillar, Beau Plan brings together a whole range of leisure activities and infrastructures for families, children and young people. From the Mahogany Shopping Promenade for weekend strolls, dining out and shopping, to the L’Aventure du Sucre museum, not to mention the city’s events program and its Creative Park, Beau Plan is bursting with activities. At Mon Rocher, young and old alike can enjoy paddle tennis or horse riding.

Its “Learn” pillar brings together a whole range of educational facilities to support young people on their educational journey: from nursery to primary to secondary education, Beau Plan offers quality educational facilities for all levels of learning.

Finally, the “Create” pillar reflects Beau Plan’s core philosophy of infusing creativity into our lives in every way possible. Whether in the construction of the city, in its urban approach, in the services it offers or in its cultural agenda, Beau Plan brings creativity to life and invites its users to give free rein to their imagination to transform their daily lives.

Much more than a key component of the EDB’s Smart City Scheme, urban planning is a concept dear to Beau Plan and governs its development. The city’s urban planning strategy is based on three pillars: the architectural approach, the rehabilitation of the built heritage and the greening of public spaces.

Although not homogeneous from one district to the next, Beau Plan’s architectural style is distinguished by its clean lines and its contrast between modernity and industrial heritage. With the objective of constructing buildings that have less impact on their environment, the smart city aims to leave a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Proud of a heritage dating back over two centuries and located in the heart of a historic region of the island, Beau Plan stands out for its character of yesteryear. Its old buildings, witnesses to the region’s industrial era, have been restored by Novaterra’s teams for new uses: offices, shops, museum…

Finally, in order to offer its users a pleasant quality of life and a high-quality environment, Beau Plan integrates nature into the heart of its developments. Whether it is through the preservation of century-old trees, such as the eponymous mahogany of the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, or by planting trees on its streets and alleys to provide shade for pedestrians, Beau Plan favours green spaces and endemic species to create a peaceful environment.

Novaterra is the real estate arm of the Terra Group.

Established in the region since 1838, the Terra group is one of pioneers of the country’s sugar industry, and the world’s leading exporter of specialty sugars, with more than 12 varieties produced. Today, the group has diversified into the production and distribution of consumer goods, leisure activities and the production of green energy.

With over 7,000 hectares of land in the north of the country, the group has created the Novaterra division to manage and develop its portfolio of assets (colonial houses, real estate, industrial and natural heritage, etc.). Its multi-disciplinary teams oversee and develop high-value real estate products throughout the region, aimed at investors and buyers seeking a serene quality of life in the north of Mauritius.

beau plan illustration9
beau plan illustration9
Indigo (Phase 2)

Sales started on the 5th June 2024.