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In the streets of Beau Plan

From rue des lumières to avenue de Mon Rocher, Beau Plan unveils its unique character in every district! Take a leisurely stroll through its inviting streets and charming alleys to immerse yourself in the town's delightful atmosphere.

The Lakeside District

In one word: vibrant! The heart of Beau Plan brings together walkers, professionals, and inhabitants in one lively place. Whether it’s for shopping, a midday break, or a captivating after-work rendezvous as the sun sets, everyone agrees that the Lakeside District is the ultimate place to be!

The Business District

This upcoming business district promises to be the prime locale for companies seeking a prominent presence in northern Mauritius. As it undergoes development and commercialization, this harmonious, tree-lined district is meticulously crafted to accommodate both showrooms and offices.

The Business Park

A bustling hub for the region's working population, Beau Plan Business Park thrives with activity all day. These former warehouses, now transformed into offices, house companies and offices operating in diverse sectors. At its core, La Cantine de Beau Plan is a must for lunches and after-work gatherings organized by Beau Plan!

The Creative Park

An ode to creativity in all its forms, this is how one could describe the Creative Park! Bordered on one side by the Beau Plan weight bridge, still operational today, and on the other by L'Aventure du Sucre museum, this site thrives on the boundless imagination of its occupants.

The residential District

On the long driveway lined with majestic palm trees,a vibrant tapestry of life unfolds: children on bicycles under orchards, joggers returning from "Le Parc", and gardeners enhancing the neighborhood's landscaped gardens. Just moments away from the city's hustle and bustle, this neighborhood offers the tranquility and serenity families seek.

Mon Rocher

At the entrance to Beau Plan, Mon Rocher is a meeting place for young and old alike. With its school, crèche and activities for all tastes, this neighborhood exudes life and joy.

The Education District

The education district offers a set of educational structures from nursery to university which promote the well-being of pupils and students.