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The developer of Beau Plan

Beau Plan is the realization of Novaterra's vision, rooted in a balanced world that harmonizes people, society, and the environment, creating a better future with opportunities for all. Guided by the belief that integration, diversification, and sustainability inspire how we live, work, and play, Novaterra breathes life into this vision by fully involving every component and stakeholder in the design of each Beau Plan project, whether residential, commercial, or cultural.

About Novaterra

Discover the history and values of Novaterra, the integrated developer behind Beau Plan. As a proud member of the Terra Group, a diversified establishment in the region since 1838, Novaterra actively engages in real estate development and land management to create lasting value for stakeholders.
Inspired by the rich industrial and cultural heritage of Terra, Novaterra is dedicated to shaping a unique quality of life in the north of Mauritius. Its ambitious developments contribute to the social and economic growth of the region while preserving its natural heritage.

Novaterra’s multidisciplinary team brings together expertise in development, project management, land and asset management, sales, marketing, and customer support.

Novaterra's principles

Committed to the future, Novaterra adheres to honest and measured principles, shaping its growth and that of its projects:


Every Novaterra development is crafted with a commitment to leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.


Anticipating market needs, Novaterra listens to trends and continually strives to surpass expectations.


Embracing the belief that together we go further, Novaterra collaborates with multidisciplinary experts to lead its projects to success.


Rooted in its regional identity, Novaterra makes inclusion and communal living the driving forces behind its developments.


With an exceptional heritage, Novaterra is dedicated to maintaining, enhancing, and sharing its natural, cultural, and industrial resources.