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Greencoast International School: Architecture and eco-construction

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22 April 2024


Greencoast International School is a great example of eco- construction. Let’s take a closer look at how this school reduces its environmental impact.

From the planning stage, the developer partnered with French architect-designer Thierry Bégat to prepare the master plan and first phase of the Greencoast school complex. The subsequent phases of the school’s construction followed established sustainable practices.

Objective #1: Promote the use of natural resources

Greencoast School makes great use of its environment by orienting the school to receive maximum natural light and promoting cross-ventilation while controlling sunlight in its classrooms. Large and lateral openings aid in good room ventilation, and open corridors enhance the ventilation of classroom spaces while contributing to their good lighting. The corridors overlook tree-lined courtyards that serve as an educational opportunity and a playground for the children. Thanks to these construction techniques, the school does not require an air conditioning system, reducing its energy consumption.

Objective #2: Ensure good thermal insulation of the buildings

Good thermal insulation was also included to reduce the heat accumulated in the rooms. The metal structure of the buildings uses a sheet and plasterboard coating on the inside, which is more expensive but has many advantages, such as reduced waste compared to traditional structures, a faster construction time due to its lightness, and increased flexibility for interior partitions. The plasterboard partitions are easy to move, allowing for adaptations to the school’s changing needs.

Objective #3: Create an innovative school

Greencoast International School is an innovative school both in its construction techniques and organization. Its layout and lightweight structure allow the school to expand as needed without disturbing the well-being of its young students while offering flexibility as the school grows and the needs for room usage evolve over time. The school is organized as a village with hierarchies of traffic pathways, making it a friendly and pleasant place for everyone with fluid and orderly traffic. Both indoor and outdoor spaces provide a discovery ground for the children, transforming every moment of play into a learning opportunity.

Being a student at Greencoast International School means benefiting from an innovative and unique environment to learn and have fun every day!

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