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All the commodities are at Mahogany Shopping Promenade!

Published the 

26 March 2024


In Beau Plan, everything is here to make your daily life easier. From grocery shopping to banking, insurance, and home internet plans, Mahogany Shopping Promenade has it all covered in its practical offerings.

Whether you need to manage phone subscriptions for your whole family, insure your home and vehicle, or even buy medicine for a nasty flu, you’ll find all the services needed for a more peaceful daily life. How convenient is it, not having to take your car for handling administrative tasks throughout the week or just handling family life.

Services available at Mahogany Shopping Promenade:

Food / Drinks:

  • Intermart
  • 20/Vin
  • Mantra Wellness
  • Aromas of India
  • Artisan Coffee
  • Eaters Dimsum &Noodles
  • Hop&Go
  • Indian King
  • KFC
  • Banh Mi
  • Thai Chi
  • Ze Takos

Banking and Insurance:

  • MCB
  • Swan

Commodities and Services:

  • Ducasse Pharmacy
  • Hair Avenue
  • Yassin Mobile Shop
  • Mathieu Optician
  • Emtel
  • Canal +


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