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3 anecdotes about the Beau Plan Lake

Published the 

28 February 2024


With its changing colors throughout the day, the Beau Plan Lake never fails to capture everyone’s attention. Here are three anecdotes about it!

It was landscaped in the 18th century

In contrast to other water bodies found across the island, which originated in ancient craters, the Beau Plan Lakeis man-made. This former reservoir served to cool the machines used for sugarcane production when the factory was present.

It was once the lair of a crocodile!

Legend has it that in 1835, a crocodile was found in the Beau Plan Lake. Recovered from the harbor of Port-Louis by fishermen, it was initially taken in by a landowner in the region before escaping from his gardens to find refuge in the lake.

It hosts a magical work of art

Today, the Beau Plan Lake no longer harbors crocodiles. It has become the home of a dreamy work of art: the “Field of Light”. Like an ode to the sugarcane fields of the region, it lights up with a thousand lights at night to illuminate the water feature. With the glowing sunset as a backdrop, the spectacle is breathtaking.

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