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5 Engaging Activities for Kids in Beau Plan

Published the 

10 March 2024


Living in the city means having plenty of opportunities for fun right on your doorstep. Yes, even for children! Beau Plan is no exception. Inherently creative, the city is a natural playground to keep them entertained all day long. Explore these 5 activity ideas for both the little ones and the older kids!

Treasure Hunt in the Urban Park.

The urban park, exclusively for residents, is a paradise for children. With its fences, greenery, and shaded areas, it’s also the ideal retreat for parents who want to combine leisure and safety! To make an unforgettable afternoon for your children, organise a small treasure hunt here by hiding a pirate treasure. Equipped with a map and clues, your young adventurers just have to put their minds to work to get their hands on this precious treasure!

Let’s go to L’Aventure du Sucre !

A place where fun and learning intertwine, the museum takes you on a journey through the history of Mauritius through sugar culture. In addition to tasting different types of sugars, your children will have the pleasure of discovering the history of our island in a playful way.

Bike Ride in Old Beau Plan

Put on your helmets, get on your bikes, and let’s go! The streets of old Beau Plan invite you on a journey through time surrounded by nature. Here, a century-old tree… there, an old dispensary…Maybe there’s even a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered!

Playtime at Mahogany’s Play area

Let’s admit it: sometimes (often?) your children have more energy than you. And that’s okay! At Mahogany Shopping Promenade, the children’s play area effortlessly caters to all needs: while you relax on the food court terrace, your children, within sight, invent beautiful adventures with their new friends and spend their energy between the slide and the swings. Perfect for a Sunday!!

Nature Fun at Pamplemousses Garden

Nothing beats a family outing, to create beautiful memories. With its myriad of natural species, Pamplemousses Garden is the perfect place for that. After marveling at all its plants, some centuries-old, settle in the shade of one of its kiosks with a refreshing drink to share your discoveries. A great way to spend your afternoon!

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