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Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the residential district

Published the 

28 February 2024


With their broad sidewalks and lush greenery providing ample shade, the streets of Beau Plan are a haven of peace, perfect for a leisurely stroll. The city’s residents would certainly agree!

In the early hours of the morning, it’s not uncommon to come across fitness enthusiasts – joggers striding through the city, either alone or in groups, and others engaged in yoga or gym sessions. There are also walkers taking advantage of the milder temperatures and tranquility to observe nature.

During the day, even the residential area is not immune to the city’s vibrancy! Reflecting an energetic daily life, Beau Plan’s inhabitants cross paths and greet each other during their routine trips. Some are picking up their children from the Ti’Marmailles daycare or the nearby Greencoast International School, while others head to Mahogany for a quick errand or a visit to the bank. And, of course, taking a well-deserved lunch break by the lake!

As the day comes to a close, after hosting groups of children playing all afternoon, the urban park in Beau Plan regains its tranquility. It’s the perfect time for dreamers who come to take a stroll or read a book away from the liveliness of the city center. On the main avenue, parents with strollers and scooters cross paths, taking a break to chat – an opportunity to plan a barbecue in the park for the upcoming weekend or share stories about their day!

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