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Managing the City: Meticulous Work

Published the 

30 March 2023


When strolling through the streets of Beau Plan, it’s difficult to imagine all the measures implemented behind the scenes to ensure the well-being of its residents and daily users. Let’s delve into the operations.

Managing a city involves a range of daily tasks to ensure the well-being of everyone: maintaining landscaping, overseeing the technical upkeep of the sewer network, managing roads, water, and electricity, and maintaining ongoing dialogue with property owners and tenants throughout Beau Plan’s residential, commercial, and business infrastructure. This significant undertaking is overseen by Philippe Lincoln, Head of Facilities & Assets at Novaterra, along with his team.

Among them, Loïc Mamet, the Smart City Administrative Manager, shares insights into the daily missions of the team: “Once projects are completed, such as the residences of Mango Village Phase 1, expected to be finished by the end of 2022, we assume responsibility for its day-to-day management. This encompasses various aspects of daily life, including resident security, management of common areas, and providing comprehensive long-term services such as maintaining the infrastructure and systems implemented by Novaterra.” Acting as the point of contact for the syndics of Mango Village, the Hameau, and other residential entities in Beau Plan, Loïc also fosters ongoing dialogue with property owners to ensure their comfort and an enjoyable community life.

Simultaneously, the city undertakes ambitious projects, such as the installation of CCTV cameras throughout the city. “We’re implementing an intelligent security system that centralizes operations for enhanced efficiency,” shares Loïc. “It’s an innovative and large-scale project, which is incredibly exciting.” Among its advantages, this system is designed to guarantee residents complete privacy. “At this stage,” adds Loïc, “we’re installing kilometers of fiber optics across the city to ensure network quality. We’ll share further details as the project becomes operational.”

While additional projects will soon join the list, the Novaterra teams already have plenty on their plate to continue making Beau Plan a secure and pleasant place for everyone on a daily basis!

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