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Mango Village: 5 good reasons to invest

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28 January 2022


After the success of phase 1 of Mango Village, in the heart of Beau Plan, Novaterra started the commercialisation of its second phase at the end of 2021. New types of property, refined architecture, dynamic living environment…

Discover the 5 strong points of Mango Village, a real estate investment not to miss out on!

1. Ideally Situated in the North

Nestled in the heart of the Smart City of Beau Plan, between the Lakeside District and the residential area of ​​the city, the tree-lined driveway of Mango Village promises a dynamic lifestyle. Here, everything can be experienced on foot. Indeed, just a few minutes walk from the quiet residences, the Mahogany Shopping Promenade with its lake and its variety of shops and outlets turn daily activities into a happy and pleasant experience.

2. Modern and refined architecture

From duplexes to penthouses, with apartments that span over 2 floors, Mango Village adopts a minimalist and contemporary architecture that blends into the natural setting. The mango trees that line the driveway bring a touch of charm to the residences, and their open terrace make this project the perfect spot for couples and families looking for a peaceful home.

3. A region with controlled development

Since the lands in Beau Plan belong to Terra group, the development of the real estate landscape of this area is accompanied by the expertise of the group. An important factor to consider when estimating the long-term value of any real estate investment is the group’s plan for a healthy and sustainable expansion of its territory, with a 10-year masterplan.

4 A great opportunity through and through

Having received its Smart City Certificate from the Economic Development Board in 2018, Beau Plan offers its local and foreign investors a well-designed urban development and tax benefits for any purchase. Its real estate, offered as ‘sale before completion’’ (VEFA), is the guarantee of a successful construction project. Finally, the deco pack offered for Mango Village means peace of mind for future buyers!

5. A reliable and renowned land developer

Novaterra, the real estate entity of Terra group, manages the group’s real estate assets. With a fine portfolio of real estate, commercial and residential projects delivered, its reputation on the local market is second to none. In addition, Terra group – one of the major players on the island – is a financial guarantee for any investor.

For more information on Mango Village or to visit the properties of phase 1 under construction, contact our team!

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