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Take a stroll through Beau Plan…

Published the 

28 February 2024


Beyond its residences and its array of leisure and commerce, what adds charm to Beau Plan is its atmosphere. Even without living or working here, you can fully immerse yourself in it through a simple walk! Follow us!

To start your stroll through the city, head to Mahogany Shopping Promenade. After leisurely browsing its shops or enjoying a warm drink at Artisans Coffee, take the path that runs alongside The Strand offices. Following the contours of the lake, this picturesque route leads to the city bridge connecting the Lakeside District to the Business Park. A new perspective on the city!

Once you arrive at the Business Park, let yourself be carried away by the history surrounding the office buildings – old warehouses rehabilitated around a water feature, like an oasis. Crossing L’Aventure du Sucre will lead you to Creative Park, where a friendly atmosphere awaits. It’s not uncommon to see passersby window shopping at the Patrick Mavros boutique or a group of young people practicing at the Studio Dance School. After taking a stroll through the colorful African Trader boutique, walk along mango alley towards the residential neighborhood.

Here you can be greeted by walkers or children on bikes, as is often seen throughout Beau Plan! The tree-lined avenue allows you to discover the residential park on your right and the warm neighborhoods of Hameau and Muguets on your left. Continue straight ahead to the labyrinth of streets of old Beau Plan.

As the road ascends, time passes, taking you back. The century-old trees in the neighborhood, its old dispensary, and houses from another era remind you that Beau Plan has a true history. The road continues towards Mon Rocher, one of the liveliest areas of the city. And with good reason: with its nursery, school, stable, and padel tennis center, this neighborhood fully embodies the soul of Beau Plan!

You’ve reached the end of the road… Our suggestion? Trace your steps back to discover the best-kept secrets of each of these neighborhoods!

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