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Work in Beau Plan, a philosophy.

Published the 

27 February 2024


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The development of Beau Plan extends its focus not only to residences and leisure but also with an array of office spaces. With the desire to improve our work routines and shape a more fulfilling daily life, the city has crafted a philosophy that mirrors how its offices and commercial spaces are conceived: Work in Beau Plan.

Driven by the belief that fostering individual well-being is the key to a healthy and growing business, this modern approach aims to offer professionals a qualitative work environment centered on both individual and collective welfare. Aspiring to become a leading business destination in Mauritius, Beau Plan supports companies eager to attract talent through its inspiring and peaceful environment.

Inspired by the urban business districts of major world capitals, its offices boast distinctive charm and direct access to city amenities: a diverse events program, extensive leisure and sports offerings, a variety of shops, and restaurants. In essence, it provides a strategic location and a comprehensive package to blend all the expectations, desires, and daily needs!

Stroll along the lakeside promenade, shop at the supermarket in Mahogany Shopping Promenade before heading home, enjoy a wide range of sports offerings (with the Boutique Gym and Mon Roche Padel Centre): these are just a few activities in Beau Plan that brighten the daily lives of its users.

You too, come and “Work in Beau Plan”!

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