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Work in Beau Plan: «We offer tailor-made opportunities to fit your needs»

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23 December 2022


With an established leisure offering, residential neighbourhoods that are coming to life and a pleasant and convenient business park, Beau Plan aspires to become the ideal destination for businesses. Shadil Golam Hossen, Sales & Leasing Executive at Novaterra, talks us through the advantages of working in this thriving environment.

Hello Shadil! Tell us, what makes Beau Plan such a great business destination? 

Beau Plan is starting to position itself as a business destination,  while being aligned with evolving market expectations. The well-being of its inhabitants and those who commute here are at the fore-front of its development. At Novaterra, we are convinced that a working day is filled with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and so a business destination should allow everyone to combine their professional obligations with their personal life – whether it’s going to a restaurant after work or shopping or sports.

That is why we aim to provide a practical framework for businesses. This requires a range of amenities available within the city itself – from the bank to the supermarket, schools, and a variety of sports and leisure offering, with easy access from the motorway to allow everyone to get there by any means of transport; through offices and buildings as functional as they are elegant, and with a peaceful and pleasant environment to stimulate well-being at work, and the pleasure of going to your office every day.

Tell us about the benefits of working in Beau Plan.

First of all, the location: halfway between the coasts of the North and the center of the island, companies choosing to settle there have access to a pool of talent, thanks to its excellent accessibility. It’s no secret that attracting and retaining employees is more complex for a company in a remote location. Today, we no longer wish to go through , which goes to the detriment of personal well-being.

On another note, we know that a stimulating environment reduces the stress that employees in a company can feel. With its natural setting, its lake, its shops and restaurants, its activities and the possibility of doing everything on foot, Beau Plan offers an incomparable comfort of work. We really wanted to build a destination where it’s nice to spend time, a place you can simply enjoy.

With the upcoming delivery of The Strand, Beau Plan’s business offering is expanding. Can you introduce us to it?

Of course! First of all, therefore, The Strand, scheduled for delivery in early 2023. There will be three buildings facing Lake Beau Plan. They are just steps away from the Mahogany Shopping Promenade and bus stops – a real plus for businesses. This set of rental offices (the spaces for sale in this project having already found buyers) will also be equipped with a gym offering exclusive offers for tenants of The Strand. For those who would be more tempted by group sports, a tennis padel club will open its doors in Mon Rocher in 2023.

There is also the Beau Plan Business Park, located in the heart of Beau Plan. On a human scale and in a setting with a special atmosphere, this business centre offers offices of various sizes for companies wishing to benefit from all the advantages of Beau Plan.

Finally, the Business District is also taking shape. Located not far from the city centre, it offers serviced land to companies wishing to build their own buildings – whether they are head offices, commercial activities or showrooms.

It will certainly give a new dynamic to the region!

Finally, what types of companies is Beau Plan’s Business offer aimed at?

I would say that it is fitting for all those who seek opportunities for growth! Whether it is to expand its network, support the economic boom of the region, affirm the identity of its company in a premium setting or choose a solution combining well-being and practicality for its employees, Working in Beau Plan is certainly the right choice.

For all these reasons, we offer a wide range of services to help companies of all sizes A startup will benefit from the dynamism of The Hive or  the Creative Park; a retailer will be enjoy the atmosphere of the Mahogany Shopping Promenade and the potential of its 200,000 monthly visitors; an SME will take full advantage of the amenities of the Beau Plan Business Park. Finally,for large companies The Strand will be their best choice, and the Business District is also available to them to build their office or showroom according to their desires and requirements. In short, we offer tailor-made opportunities that are sure to fit your needs..

Thank you Shadil!

With pleasure. For any requests, you can call me on 5719 7035.

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beau plan illustration12

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