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A Lunch Break at La Cantine de Beau Plan

Published the 

15 May 2024


A quintessential meeting and relaxation spot among colleagues at Beau Plan, La Cantine is not only the meeting point of Business Park workers but also of food enthusiasts from the region!

12:30 PM. As you arrive under the shaded canopies of the Canteen, the tables are already almost all filled. From one end of the restaurant to the other, dishes pass by, laughter echoes, and people greet each other. 

The perfect meal for every moment

Whether you come for lunch or to take a break during the day, ‘La Cantine’ has everything covered for every eventuality.

In the morning, you can find pastries, freshly ground coffee, and juices squeezed on the spot – ideal for refreshing yourself between meetings.

At noon, the menu offers a clever combination to delight both the most rushed and those who enjoy a proper lunch break: pizzas, sandwiches, composed salads, poke bowls, deer burgers… The hardest part is making your choice!

A foodie success story

In less than two years, ‘La Cantine’ has become a must-visit spot. With the warm personalities of Romane, Pierre, and Stéphane – the three co-founders – a delicious menu, and a convenient location, the elements are combined to make this address one of the favorites among workers in the region. Located in the heart of Beau Plan’s Business Park, ‘La Cantine’ benefits from nearby parking and a leafy, peaceful setting.

La Cantine de Beau Plan

Monday to Friday

07:30 AM – 03:30 PM

  1. ‎245 8593

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